JaNEWary is here!


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So I have never really been one of those people that begins the New Year spouting about how it’s going to be a ‘new year new me’. Mostly because I know I am terrible at keeping resolutions anyhow, so why would I purposely be putting myself under extra stress trying not to fail at some ridiculous notion of exercising and dieting….it’s just not gonna happen.


But perhaps this year I can at least attempt something, something tiny, something minuscule but ultimately something New for me. So instead of proclaiming a ‘new me’ for 2019 I am going to be renaming and celebrating JaNEWary!

So what is all this nonsense you ask? Why are you just spelling January incorrectly?

Well instead of committing to a whole year of being able to pull off some kind of resolution then instead I am taking the laz…easier route of using January as a month to try out something new. It might be something small, like a new book genre or film that I wouldn’t usually watch. Perhaps I could try cooking something new or tasting a new food. Anything new will count; perhaps I might even find a new hobby.

Whatever it is I’m going to be doing it in the next few weeks and that will make up my JaNEWary. I’m not even going to forecast how many new things to find to do, I will just pin them up on Twitter when I find them. Hopefully just the notion of finding new things will invigorate me to do more than I have so far this year.


If you have any ideas for me then let me know, or maybe you want to join in? If so please let me know how you will be celebrating your JaNEWary, perhaps we can all find a little bit of inspiration from each other.

Best Wishes for 2019 everyone 🙂

Let #JaNEWary commence!


The Blog Post With No Name


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Ok, I’m doing this ..

*taps at keys a little while before holding down the delete button and sighing

No .. nope..hmm

So I would like to make a blog post, or at least feel like I should especially after all the lovely shout outs I’ve been getting on twitter from @nic_calavera but I feel like at a bit of a loss for it because I haven’t really done anything interesting of late so I haven’t really got a legitimate blog subject.

I guess I could share some felt creations however apart from my weird little meat fairy which I shared on Twitter then the other need to be kept under wraps because they will be gifts.


I thought that the pinkish felt was quite pretty until someone pointed out that it looked skinless..

The only other thing I’ve done is watch Netflix really so I can at least recommend that you go and watch The Christmas Chronicles if you are looking for a new Christmas film that ticks all the boxes. Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is an amazing concept and the film is splattered with amusing pop culture references and has just enough cheese to be good but not so much that it’s bad. So put that one on your Christmas watch list!

So that’s it, my tiny dull update however this does mean I can add some appreciation here to Kingdom of Monsters and also send you off to check out his first podcast and give some support 🙂


Take care and be kind peeps!

Inktober – Only for Artists?


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I want to stamp a big fat ‘NO!’ on this right at the start, yet this year I have to say I’m feeling a little on my own out there for being someone who just likes to draw rather than can draw.


Perhaps I was just in a different place in my head last year or maybe I just follow a lot more actual artists on Twitter this year, or maybe it’s because I put more time into Inktober stuff last year. Whatever the reasoning behind it, all I know is that this year Inktober just doesn’t feel like something I should be joining in with: I’m more than a little out of my league here.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy seeing all of the wonderful creations coming up on my twitter feed because I do very much, and I especially like to see when people take a prompt and put a clever twist on it. I’m enjoying all of this and trying to retweet people so that others can share in this too, however I think last year there seemed to be more people putting out doodles who were not professional artists, or perhaps I just need to find some more like minded creative souls.

Yes I want to see the professional artists do their thing: I just think it would be nice to find some middle ground people too, so that is my goal this week. If you are quietly taking part in Inktober but don’t have an artist tag then I’m coming to seek you out!

Also can we please stop putting “this is my bad drawing” on perfectly good artwork, I know everyone is their own worst critic but some of these ‘look at my terrible (actually awesome) drawings ‘only serve to make other people feel even shittier about their own ‘bad’ art.

So I say from now on let’s just own that art no matter how bad we think it is, because surely the whole point about joining in with Inktober is just the action of creating something daily no matter the standard it perceives to achieve.

And with that here are my bad Inktober offerings for week 1




If you feel like you want to join in with Inktober, there is still time to join in so here is the link to read more and the prompt list. Or you could find another prompt list as there are many to use, or even just draw out what ever you want, it’s not about the result it’s about the action \o/



CB&W: Toys for adults … Oh, OK & Children


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I thought my first post of the New Year should be something fun and creative, so I joined in with –

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Toys for Children or Adults


Nightmare Before Christmas





Darth Vader

I’m not sure if that last one has too much colour, but I liked it!

Goodbye Inktober, Hello NaNoWriMo


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Well I had a lot of fun joining in with Mythical Inktober, and am pleased to have actually done something creative throughout October: the incentive of a goal really help me. Thanks to Frenone for supplying the prompts as I probably would have faltered on the original Inktober ones, but the mythical ones made the task far more fun and I now feel more confident sharing my artwork even when it isn’t great because of all the support from the Twitter & WordPress community.

So here are my last ones to complete the final gallery:

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Novel Ideas: Opinions Please


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I’m still trying to work out what style of writing is going to keep me going for NaNoWriMo next month. So I was hoping that maybe some feedback might help me choose. If you have the time to read through these snippets and let me know if you enjoy any or dislike any, or think something sticks out as interesting, then please let me know.

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Week 2 of Mythical Inktober (late)


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Ok I’m running late so I’ll pin these up and hope nobody notices *grins

Day 8: Gargoyle – I’m still not sure which colour I actually prefer on these.

Day 9: Pegasus – I went for cutesy / My Little Pony style on this one and this might be my favourite one so far 🙂

My Little Pegasus

Day 10: Satyr or Faun – I started off with the idea of copying some Blizzard art but it turns out my eyes were just going crosseyed on the chest>arm




So I tried another Warcraft Satyr based on the in game image: graphics are not so good to copy from!
His horns were a little bent out of shape but I’m putting that down to him being a bit feisty.









Day 11: Faerie – This one was just a quick felt drawn one after a long day




Day 12: Wendigo – I actually didn’t know what this was except for having an image in mind from Warcraft. I also drew it in green ink which I really didn’t like but now, thanks to @Ashpah_ I can say this is a Greench 😀


Day 13: Sea Serpent – I was happy with this little doodle as it was just freestyle which isn’t something I can often do.


Day 14: Dragon – So I haven’t completely finished the colouring on this one to where I want but I’m keenly aware that I have a tendency to over do things. So I need to work out if I’m going to continue practicing shading with biro or just leave future offerings with just the outline.


My first week can be seen HERE

November is Coming!


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Yes, I know, I know, it’s still October and I’m already days behind on my Inktober offerings but I am going to catch up … honest.

But I haven’t been at home over the weekend, and while I couldn’t be drawing then my thoughts turned to fear because November is almost here. And I wanted to have some kind of vague plan for NaNoWriMo this time, in hopes this will help me actually cross the finishing line.


So today, I’ve been trying to work out some ideas and going through some old writing prompts to see if there was an idea that I wanted to expand upon. At the moment my thoughts are not even in one particular genre (well, isn’t that a surprise), however I will have whittled down my favourites by the end of the week and hopefully you guys can help steer me towards one again.

At least I have a plan for my spare time this week:

1- Catch up with Mythical Innktober: Dragon, Treant, Water spirit, Wyvern.

2 – Organise NaNoWriMo ideas & post for opinions.

3- Announce Novel.

4 – Actually check facebook and catch up with some of the other Nanoers.

5 – Check out Overwatch Halloween event and probably annoy other people with my bad FPS skills.