November is Coming!


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Yes, I know, I know, it’s still October and I’m already days behind on my Inktober offerings but I am going to catch up … honest.

But I haven’t been at home over the weekend, and while I couldn’t be drawing then my thoughts turned to fear because November is almost here. And I wanted to have some kind of vague plan for NaNoWriMo this time, in hopes this will help me actually cross the finishing line.


So today, I’ve been trying to work out some ideas and going through some old writing prompts to see if there was an idea that I wanted to expand upon. At the moment my thoughts are not even in one particular genre (well, isn’t that a surprise), however I will have whittled down my favourites by the end of the week and hopefully you guys can help steer me towards one again.

At least I have a plan for my spare time this week:

1- Catch up with Mythical Innktober: Dragon, Treant, Water spirit, Wyvern.

2 – Organise NaNoWriMo ideas & post for opinions.

3- Announce Novel.

4 – Actually check facebook and catch up with some of the other Nanoers.

5 – Check out Overwatch Halloween event and probably annoy other people with my bad FPS skills.


One Week of Noob Art


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Well I said I was going to join in for Inktober and I’m happy to say that I have actually got through the first week without giving up in frustration, and I’ve shared drawings in public that I really wasn’t comfortable with the standard of.

So I call this a good start.

I do have to admit that I got a tad sidetracked from the original mission though, and now instead of using the #Inktober prompts, I’ve switched tracks and joined in with Frenone and #mythicalInktober. Well her prompts just seemed such fun and appealed to my fantasy side.

And here are my doodles so far

Day 1: Moonbunny


Day 2: Dryad – I was a little annoyed that I didn’t start a fresh page for this one as I like it.


Day 3: Valkyrie: Hiding the arms because anatomy isn’t my strong point


Day 4: Cactus Cat: I knew I would like this one even without shading

Day 5: Siren: This was a case of too much adjustment: I decided to adjust the mouth afterwards as it looked like an angry pout, but I really wish I’d left it alone.


Day 6: Direwolf – I used a different type of pen for this one and it flowed more ink that I was expecting so the nose wrinkles got lost.


Day 7: Banshee – This made me see how differently things looked depending on the lighting for the photograph, though I’m still not sure which I prefer.


Well so far I’m having a lot of fun, even if some of the prompts are tricky for me to draw. If you decide you want to join in then here are the prompts for the rest of #MythicalInktober and I urge you to go visit Frenone’s Twitter page  HERE to have a look at all her awesome pieces of artwork.



Art Noob October


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For a while now I’ve seen posts advertising Inktober on Twitter, and reading some of controversy surrounding it, and I have to say that I sit here feeling rather confused; sometimes a little bemused too. From what I understand, an artist called Jake Parker decided to start up Inktober as a way to encourage people to try or improve their art work using ink. For some people it’s not easy, or possible to use this method, and his idea of wanting people to use ink because they won’t get the full enjoyment seems to have been pulled out of context and used against him in some places: I have to say I kinda feel sorry for the guy, who seems to have good intentions.

From what I gather there are no actual strict hard rules to a hashtag movement, and while they are created with a certain intent it’s still in the public sphere and open to interpretation. So for my own part I don’t see why people can’t just join in, in whichever way they feel is best suited to their particular circumstances and indeed this looks to be the case for many an artist. Be that using their own prompts or just using ink in a different way: for instance Alternative Chat is joining in  by using ink to create art in words over on Internet of Words. And this, is exactly what I think is great. Someone starting a movement that others can join in with and improve their skills by being encouraged to practicise daily for a month. It doesn’t matter if that skill is drawing with physical ink, digital ink or writing with ink: what matters overall is that people are joining together in an effort to improve their skill in something which they enjoy and being creative.

giphy (1)

In the spirit of this I have decided to join in with Inktober but with the disadvantage of not actually being an artist. I’m creative, however drawing without a picture to copy isn’t really something I can do well. So this October, I’ve decided to just dive in and carry out a drawing aka doodle daily to join in with the Inktober prompts.


They might not be good drawings but perhaps if I actually try, then it might help me to be able to create something better in future: which I believe is what Inktober was originally created to help achieve. Also perhaps my noobish attempt of drawing might encourage someone else to try too, because seeing all these amazing drawing on Twitter is pretty intimidating for the amateur: and if you never get the courage to begin, then you will never actually get any better.

My Swift prompt was created using what was to hand – Biro & post it notes – so you can see the standard to expect for the rest of the month *grins*

– IMAG1446 (1)

So here’s to noob art in all it’s glory!



The Little Things


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For two days now, I’ve woke naturally at 7:30am and then had porridge and orange juice for breakfast – this is the longest voluntary routine I’ve had in years.

But this is not an achievement I hear you say, this is normal life; I hear your pleas but I’m going to congratulate myself on it anyway. For me, this is a step in the right direction, especially if you compare this with the usual, no breakfast or <insert random item here>. As much as it sounds good, chocolate fudge or leftover pizza are probably not the best breakfast foods, and today I discovered that apple and blueberry porridge is actually quite nice.



So where am I going with all these revelations?

Well I’m not entirely sure, but I’m hopeful, and open to change, and I wanted to just declare that fact.

Well, at least before my flippant brain goes back into hibernation *winks*


My never ending story.


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I’ve never been a planner with my writing and mostly I just write when I get the urge; I fool myself into thinking that this is because I need to be in the zone.

giphy (15).gif

It’s not really true though is it?

As any writer knows, the main goal is just to actually write, whether you are in the mood for it or not. In fact this is exactly why CampNaNoWriMo exists: just to aid and encourage people to write something every day. It challenges you to pick up a pen, or attack that keyboard: but either way it pushes you to write something every single day for a month.

And I can do this, I know I can, with some self discipline (I’ll admit some days this is a challenge for me) then I know I am able to write something every day, for a month. I know, because I have done it before and I do start to get into a happy habit of it. download

Yet for some reason I just can’t seem to stick to one story. My writing goal is on target, yet only half of it is the story I want to be telling: the other is just inane chatter about other ideas.


I really can’t stay with one piece of writing or one character in the same part of the story line. Instead I either end up wandering off into another random idea, or moving my character to another part of his or her life. So yes, it’s nice to be able to write every day but at the same time, I’d really like to be able to say I have finished a story: or at least one chapter without distraction.

I so admire the focus and dedication of a lot of my peers for this, as I watch them produce coherent pieces of writing with a start, middle and end. Then I look to my own Middle, near end, middle, start, middle.


If anyone has any focusing tips I’ll gladly hear them.


Dialogue in novels: is it OK?


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For my CampNaNoWriMo project this time, I’m going back to a previous story and set of characters that I never really finished and this time I’m determined to at least flesh them out enough to have a plot in place for November. So while I’m happy to be a little bit of a panster (writing with no clear plan) I want to try and be more of a Plotter next time around.

After day one however I am noticing that this time I seem to be writing more dialogue than I would normally use because the characters are now so familiar that I almost have a scene playing out in my head for them and I’m trying to just capture all of the things they would say and interact. Is this weird?

giphy-downsized (1).gif

Perhaps it’s because I did a screenplay for a project in my previous writing course rather than novel writing and now my brain doesn’t seem to know when to stop. When I look at the amount of dialogue it doesn’t seem a lot yet when I am writing it then it feels like it might be too much, since people can’t exactly see the characters as I do. Or is this the point? Will this just encourage a reader to create their own version of the character as a visual in their head?  I guess it just depends on how you read things: I know I create a picture in my mind of characters from reading books but does everyone else?

This also means I am often upset at the choice of casting when the books reach filming status, I’m sure we have all had those times when our crush clearly doesn’t live up to expectations.


I am so crossing my fingers and holding my breath for The Witcher adaptation.


Source: Scratcherpen

So dialogue in a novel: good or bad?

CampNaNoWriMo: Lets do this!


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It’s that time again, yes CampNaNoWriMo is here again, and this time I’m determined not to fall behind even on those days where I really don’t feel like writing. I just need that little kick to keep me going.

*sets daily alarm to add a nudge


This also means if you see me hanging about on Twitter for a lengthy period of time then feel free to give me a poke and tell me to stop procrastinating as I will just be there avoiding the writing.


It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing because I do, I just lack discipline to do it daily and tend to drift to it only at times that I feel the need to. I (like everyone else) get a little preoccupied with all the other things going on and Twitter is really a rabbit hole for me, I think it’s actually even worse than WoW. At least with WoW I have to be at my PC but Twitter can even catch me which on my notebook or phone.

I have tried handwriting and keeping away from the electronics but let’s be honest once you get out the habit of handwriting it becomes almost alien to do so and it’s slower. In my case it is often illegible afterwards too or gets lost, so a word document is definitely the best way to go for me.

So that’s my warm up exercise complete, let’s get stuck into the storytelling and see where it takes me.


Reading news is bad for your health!


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There is a very good reason that I try and stay away from the news and often shy away from talking about politics: this is mostly because it just makes me very, very angry.

Sometimes I have to just try and turn away from the world because it doesn’t really make any sense and I feel like such an insignificant part of it that I know that it doesn’t matter what I feel. So if I get angry about the general state of affairs, and all the horrific ways humans treat one another then I only really hurt myself in the process.

We can all rally against our annoyances or take up our picket boards to the streets but all that really seems to do is give the overworked, underpaid police force even more hassle to contend with.

So what has got me rattled enough this morning to vent about?

Result from the Commons

Nose, and eyes to the what now??

This outdated, antiquated, ridiculous way of governing a country: making all politicians appear to be a childish rabble, with their squabbles and taunts. There are children that behave better and have calmer debates. Perhaps we should introduce a ‘talking object’ into the house of commons so that they can finally converse like socially functioning adults!

giphy (12).gif

The basic line being that Tories and DUP voted not to give our public sector a pay rise: after all of their heroism and hard work in the recent events. After firemen putting their lives at risk because some idiots wanted to save some money to make a building more aesthetic for richer neighbours. After hundreds of casualties and deaths in the UK; after the bravery of the police in the face of terrorism. After the horrendous fallout from all of these events that staff from our NHS dealt with: even though their budgets and workforce are stretched to the limits.

Even after having to waste police time to use as protection for visits into public areas so a prime minister wasn’t set upon by understandably angry mobs; after the public commendations and acknowledgement of all this hard work.

Even after all of this – our government do not believe that any of these people deserve a small scrap of a pay rise.

And worse than this they cheer about it!

giphy (11)

A Biased View


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Something I wrote for a creative writing course while practising writing a Villanelle

Through Your Eyes


The knife slices slowly through

His eyes flash wildly in fear

It’s all about your point of view

Cloth over mouth: helps to subdue

A lingering scent of beer

The knife slices slowly through

A bray of pain, his legs askew

Skin glazed with scarlet smear

It’s all about your point of view

With rope pulled taut, mouth turning blue

Nothing to do but persevere

The knife sliding slowly through

A snap, a gasp, a clear breakthrough

Relief begets a cheer

Now, what about your point of view?

The last strand for this rescue

Soon to be a free deer

The knife slices slowly through

It’s all about your point of view

A-Z Challenge – A


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Running slightly late but better than never for the A-Z blog Challenge  , and I thought that I would embrace the whole underlying theme of the challenge: interacting with others, by making my posts about others rather than my own blog.

So get ready for some unshameless promotion for some lovely bloggers & Twitter folk.

To begin with I thought that I should be posting up people in alphabetical order but for this one it only seems fitting that I should make the exception and start at my actual blog beginning. When I started up on Twitter it was intially to complain and view Warcraft stuff but then I found that the community on there was actually much nicer and more sensible than the warcraft forums had become; from there I found people with blogs to read. The very first person that followed me that was unknown and not an egg was Alternative Chat: who was also responsible for me starting up a blog so it’s only fair I name her as my first A-Z person to follow.

Alternative Chat  – Sarah is a passionate writer with interests in Warcraft and James Bond among many other interests. She has seperate blogs to cover her different subjects which is great for people who like to just follow a certain topic but I like the fact that her Twitter is so varied and recommend you follow all three blogs and twitter to keep track of this witty writer.
Links –

(ok back to sensible alphabetical)

Abigail Rayner – Abigail is a creative individual who specialises in felting / wall art. Highland cows and sheep are big influences and her website and Twitter are both filled with beautiful felted creations. She also accepts commisions so if you have a beloved dog you want to see felted then this is the place to go. –

Alterna Comics – Keeping the love of comics alive is Alterna Comics who publish extremely affordable and awesome comics such as The Chair, Lilith Dark (my favourite), FUBAR, Mother Russia and many more. Their comics are available in both US and UK or digital if you prefer instant gratification. To check out more follow the link. –

Allison McMoogle – An artist who goes by the name of Ammo’s Art. I originally found her artwork on Twitter while looking at Warcraft artwork and fell in love with the linework on one of her paladin WIP. Allison creates a whole range of beautiful artwork/ commissions / fan art, in her own distinctive style and her artwork definitely deserves promoting. Go check it out here –

 Angela Knapp – A textile artist who has a great love and talent for capturing the beauty of birds. Her twitter is filled with artwork, crafts, birds and inspiration. I love to see the work in progress photos and see how her drawings transform into material artwork.
Follow links to her website & blog

Arcane Ratsel – A mage gnome who hates warlocks! Oh, ok then maybe some know her as Hannah Straw, the awesome graphic designer from Orange county. Her Twitter is a must for Warcraft fans or people who love puns and there always seems to be a new cheeky dig at a warlock to bring a smile to the day, perfect gnomish behaviour. Hannah is also lovely enough to allow followers to use her cool Overwatch banners which are shared on Behance and often creates artwork around the Warcraft seasonal events. All aboard the gnome train –

Avaltor – Lovely artist/gamer who has a strong love of rats, dragons, Warcraft and Pokemon among others. Avaltor aka Starnob aka Carrie carries out commissions for character designs and Blizzcon badges and her gallery on deviant art shows a great array of wonderful art concepts. You can also check out some awesome creations in the making over at Twitch and enjoy a friendly text chat.

Artists Resource  – AKA , is an artist/educator/coach based in London but hosts a you tube channel so you can see some of her craft tutorials. Artists Resource twitter page is filled with motivational tweets and inspiration for art projects for both adults and children. Perfect if you want to find something artistic  to do as a family. Follow her links for more inspiration – 

You tube – Artists Resource

Avi Snow – Guitarist for City of the Sun, Avi’s Twitter. Producing chilled out acoustics that are a great to relax and write to (in my opinion). Avi’s twitter is filled with video clips and snippets of music that you will want to check out more of.
You Tube – City of the Sun