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So JaNEWary has been and gone and we were already a fair amount through February before I blinked! Or at least it feels this way. So what did you get up to? Did you try anything NEW or stick to a resolution? I do hope all is going well over at Excessive & Composed with the 2019 walking challenge.

For myself there wasn’t anything too life altering going on yet I’m feeling in a positive place right now. I mean it might well be sleep deprivation instead of a healthy glow this morning but meh whatever works. πŸ˜€

FUNNY MEMES The funniest MEMEs on the internet for new years resolution meme

So what did I do new?

Tasted (and cooked) Meatloaf for the first time- Nope I had never had this before and please tell me if this sounds wrong, but it kinda reminded me of a looser consistency burger. Like the beef and onion flavour was there but the meat wasn’t as compressed so it was somewhere between burger and mince (or if you are in the UK then kinda like a slice of a faggot)… does this sound right? It doesn’t sound right to me now I say it like this haha. But it was tasty! Tasty and cheap: two very important factors for food in January. If you did want to try it out for yourself then here is the recipe I used from cafedelites.com.

Meatloaf recipe


Watched a Jackie Chan film. Ok so I have seen his films before but I wasn’t a fan (tries to ignore the gasps). It was either something to do with me not liking slapstick comedy or the fact that I dated someone who basically had his films on a heavy rotation: either way, I was not a Chan fan. Though I guess this was not the typical Jackie Chan movie either – The Foreigner was a serious Chan figure, no slapstick but still all the beautifully choreographed action (hey, just because I said I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the skill). I’m not going to give you any spoilers except the trailer incase you haven’t watched it Β and want to. Yet you can probably tell from this that it seems like Liam Neeson was there in spirit.Β  Overall I enjoyed the film and wished Chan had been in it more as I preferred him to Brosnan (whose accent I just can’t get my head around)…maybe I shall go back and rewatch an old film of his with a new perspective now.

Took some walks outside (ones that were not needed) – you might not think this is new but oh yes it is for some. If I don’t have to go out then chances are I usually avoid it. Not only is the world out there cold, wet and full of smelly people (well on public transport) but it’s also very expensive! I’ve never been someone who can go outside without having some emergency cash or just stopping by a shop to pick something up I didn’t know I needed. So yes, it was safer for my wallet to stay inside. Yet I have been trying to get out there and take a breath of fresh air and not spend any money. It’s been hard, and I’ve failed but I’m getting better. Now if anyone can recommend a good leak proof water bottle that won’t cost the earth and I can refill, this would be great.

Actually used my fancy stationary! – This is probably the strangest one, but I love fancy stationary and nicely designed note books but then I never feel like I can use them. It’s as if using them is going to be wasteful and I somehow need to keep them for times I will write neater or have a tidier desk to house them. But the problem with saving things for best is that ‘best’ never comes around so you are just left with a stock of unused things that might have made life a little happier but you felt were too precious to use. Just like lots of WoW items that never reached their full potential (yes my pally kept her holy mightstone) so too am I starting to get a stack of beautiful notebooks or amusing post it’s that I was just too afraid to use. Well no more …. Things are getting scribbled on!


Actually enter competitions – In game I have bad loot luck, just ask my guildies they will tell you its true… just look at my 330 off hand if you don’t believe me. Yet I never really questioned that this bad luck wasn’t just brought across into the real world. I never really believe things that seem too good to be true and consequently I never really enter competitions because I just assume I won’t win anyhow so it’s a waste of time. Yet something magical happened during JaNEWary and a post that I had retweeted (just for the sake of helping to share if I’m honest) turned out to be a winning competition entry. So now thanks to the awesome @MischiArt I’m going to be the proud owner of some new artwork which I’m delighted with. MischiArt is also open for commissions at the moment so go check out her fantastic artwork, you won’t be disappointed.


So there you go peeps … you have to be in it to win it… obviously. All it took was some tiny changes from me but they have created a lovely butterfly effect for the year and its feeling like it’s only going to get better. πŸ˜€

P.S If you do play Vanilla WoW as a paladin for the love of Holy Light just use that mightstone when you get it πŸ˜€


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