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So I have never really been one of those people that begins the New Year spouting about how it’s going to be a ‘new year new me’. Mostly because I know I am terrible at keeping resolutions anyhow, so why would I purposely be putting myself under extra stress trying not to fail at some ridiculous notion of exercising and dieting….it’s just not gonna happen.


But perhaps this year I can at least attempt something, something tiny, something minuscule but ultimately something New for me. So instead of proclaiming a ‘new me’ for 2019 I am going to be renaming and celebrating JaNEWary!

So what is all this nonsense you ask? Why are you just spelling January incorrectly?

Well instead of committing to a whole year of being able to pull off some kind of resolution then instead I am taking the laz…easier route of using January as a month to try out something new. It might be something small, like a new book genre or film that I wouldn’t usually watch. Perhaps I could try cooking something new or tasting a new food. Anything new will count; perhaps I might even find a new hobby.

Whatever it is I’m going to be doing it in the next few weeks and that will make up my JaNEWary. I’m not even going to forecast how many new things to find to do, I will just pin them up on Twitter when I find them. Hopefully just the notion of finding new things will invigorate me to do more than I have so far this year.


If you have any ideas for me then let me know, or maybe you want to join in? If so please let me know how you will be celebrating your JaNEWary, perhaps we can all find a little bit of inspiration from each other.

Best Wishes for 2019 everyone πŸ™‚

Let #JaNEWary commence!