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Ok, I’m doing this ..

*taps at keys a little while before holding down the delete button and sighing

No .. nope..hmm

So I would like to make a blog post, or at least feel like I should especially after all the lovely shout outs I’ve been getting on twitter from @nic_calavera but I feel like at a bit of a loss for it because I haven’t really done anything interesting of late so I haven’t really got a legitimate blog subject.

I guess I could share some felt creations however apart from my weird little meat fairy which I shared on Twitter then the other need to be kept under wraps because they will be gifts.


I thought that the pinkish felt was quite pretty until someone pointed out that it looked skinless..

The only other thing I’ve done is watch Netflix really so I can at least recommend that you go and watch The Christmas Chronicles if you are looking for a new Christmas film that ticks all the boxes. Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is an amazing concept and the film is splattered with amusing pop culture references and has just enough cheese to be good but not so much that it’s bad. So put that one on your Christmas watch list!

So that’s it, my tiny dull update however this does mean I can add some appreciation here to Kingdom of Monsters and also send you off to check out his first podcast and give some support πŸ™‚


Take care and be kind peeps!