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I want to stamp a big fat ‘NO!’ on this right at the start, yet this year I have to say I’m feeling a little on my own out there for being someone who just likes to draw rather than can draw.


Perhaps I was just in a different place in my head last year or maybe I just follow a lot more actual artists on Twitter this year, or maybe it’s because I put more time into Inktober stuff last year. Whatever the reasoning behind it, all I know is that this year Inktober just doesn’t feel like something I should be joining in with: I’m more than a little out of my league here.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy seeing all of the wonderful creations coming up on my twitter feed because I do very much, and I especially like to see when people take a prompt and put a clever twist on it. I’m enjoying all of this and trying to retweet people so that others can share in this too, however I think last year there seemed to be more people putting out doodles who were not professional artists, or perhaps I just need to find some more like minded creative souls.

Yes I want to see the professional artists do their thing: I just think it would be nice to find some middle ground people too, so that is my goal this week. If you are quietly taking part in Inktober but don’t have an artist tag then I’m coming to seek you out!

Also can we please stop putting “this is my bad drawing” on perfectly good artwork, I know everyone is their own worst critic but some of these ‘look at my terrible (actually awesome) drawings ‘only serve to make other people feel even shittier about their own ‘bad’ art.

So I say from now on let’s just own that art no matter how bad we think it is, because surely the whole point about joining in with Inktober is just the action of creating something daily no matter the standard it perceives to achieve.

And with that here are my bad Inktober offerings for week 1




If you feel like you want to join in with Inktober, there is still time to join in so here is the link to read more and the prompt list. Or you could find another prompt list as there are many to use, or even just draw out what ever you want, it’s not about the result it’s about the action \o/