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There are worse things to do than have a bath at 2am

Such as listening to the buzzing of streetlights which glare through the window

Like watching the drops drip from a tap which you know has been tightened fully

Like listening to the fence groan against the pressure of the wind

Or the skitter from the room above you causing you to wish that dog ever went outside.

At 2am, you could be wrestling with thoughts that won’t submit

Your mind, a formula one track, your body the tyres,

Constantly thinning and wearing to the brink.

2am could be etching in your mind the worries of the day ahead.

A continuous list of ‘to do’s’ on an ever moving reel.

You could instead be worrying how your alarm won’t go off.

How you will be so content once finally asleep that the morning will not wake you

You could be imagining all the ways in which the day could have turned out,

Things which could have been,

Things which will now never be,

Things that tomorrow will be.

Instead you might just take a bath,

and think about all the things which could be worse to do at 2am