Not a rabbit shaped hat but a hat for a rabbit.

Not a real rabbit of course, it’s  a chocolate one. No not a chocolate hat…oh this is just getting confusing now!


Am not sure if it’s the utter lack of sleep I am feeling at the moment after not sleeping since Saturday night or the fact that I am still riding the sugar waves of diet coke and cheesecake.

Funny thing cheesecake..you  wouldn’t think that cheese could be improved upon but suddenly you add a cake after it and it becomes stunning. Well it does if you want something sweet anyhow, I mean I can’t imagine that a cheesecake toastie would be very nice. Maybe on brioche or a sweet bagel  … hmm

*reigns in the crazy and starts again*

Well its 6th day still for the camp and I have just finished up my quota for the day. I couldn’t carry on the story on account of my ditzyness at the moment however I was able to jump into another scenario that I want to come up later in the story so it will get linked in eventually.
I think I might have to make up some of my own beasts too, it all gets a bit samey when every fantasy style book you read ends up full of spiders, wolves and dragons I guess. I have not actually put my characters in a certain era or in a certain world as yet so I still have some room to play around. I think as long as I don’t start bringing in the robotic dragons just yet then I shall be fine for keeping it within its comfort zone.

Right back to the final tweaks for my swap box for camp, I think finding a box might be a bit of a pain though hmmm. I didn’t plan this out at all did I!

Silly Pantsers!