So today has a been a weird day of being propped up with caffeine, sugar and a sprinkling of proplus. I know it’s bad for me but some days you just have to get through a day and not fall to sleep on your keyboard…well at least not the one at work.

My novel graph is looking fairly healthy even though I am still a bit short on some words however I feel good that at least I have stopped at a place it can be wrapped up and then it easier to start again the next day


I also had all my buddy swap set to be posted but apparently they moved the post office. I found this out after a walk with a large box with was very annoying especially since the new post office is no longer along the bus route and I don’t drive *shakes fist *

Not sure whether the other post office will be the same people but either way it will now be easier to use another place entirely so that’s wonderful progress for post office services /sigh.

Anyhow time to try to get a couple of hours sleep *sets up comforting music*