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Every time I log onto my email these days I seem to have an overflow of emails trying to sell me something or offer me some extra wonderful discount or bargain. I can’t blame the companies for trying as they are only using the tools at their disposal and most are places that I have or do shop with, so sometimes I do admit to taking the bait. Now whilst I could go and complain about the companies that overload me with nonsense, instead I thought I could share some of the more positive experiences and maybe share some sites that actually do save me money.

For starters one of the best things I did do was to follow Martin Lewis’s advice and sign up for Topcashback . It has by far been the best source of extra cash back for me since I shop mostly shop online, and all it means is I log into Topcashback before making my purchase. Basically if you shop online then you really do want to set up an account here, you can opt for the money straight back into your bank or swap for another voucher of which there are many choices ( personally I use the Amazon credit as it adds and extra %)

Great to use if you are buying online anyway and you want to treat yourself for free
Topcashback – sign up


Next up the free lottery 

But it can’t be free you say, nothing is given away for free!

Well technically you do have to give up some of your time to click on a link to the website over at  The Free Postcode Lottery

Again you need to make sure you don’t use adblock for this domain however I haven’t encountered any issues with it as yet and I have been clicking it a month now. If you join the site you will notice that there are a fair amount of advert on there yet these are the reason that there can be anything given away free: for the website earns money from this advertising, which in turn covers the payout for an
y winnings given. So you might see it more of a business ideal than a scam. For my part, I think it’s a great idea: it only takes a minute to give an extra 4 clicks to see the winning postcodes. Let’s be honest most of us do this to random links anyhow so it’s not really wasting time, it’s using it for something more useful than clicking Bored Panda (not that this stops me either).

If you want to sign up and take a chance to win some free cash in exchange for clicks

The Free Postcode Lottery

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Then we have the review companies which supply you free stuff in return for a review, and please note that they don’t ask for a good review just an honest one.

So these are the two I joined up with and so far have had a couple of free / discounted items without too much extra work for them.

Bzz Agent – This is a nice site to sign up with if you want to fill out a few surveys and then share your findings if they post you something out to try out. You don’t need to be a blogger or anything just write it up on their website.
I will say that if you do try this though make sure you read the notes before you add as review as some product campaigns want to be advertised and connected to Bzz agent and some campaigns don’t

AMZ reviewer – This site is great if you use Amazon prime as many things can then be bought at a hefty discount or free since you would already have free postage. Basically you just sift through the items as request anything you might want to use and review. It’s a good place to search for items you were going to buy anyway.


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