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After my earlier post rallying people to add their voices behind good reviews as well as bad, I decided to follow my own advice. So I went about and signed up to a couple of review sites to get free .. er to promote honest reviews (and I like free stuff).

So here goes for my first one:

I recieved a free sample from L’Oreal: A hair dye (which I had a choice of colour).

First impressions of the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss were this – Finally somebody thought about long hair!


The conditioner was bigger than the usual ones in dye boxes and having long dry hair I often feel like my hair could do with more of the nourishing treatments. So kudos to L’Oreal for that.

First up the usual question: What will it smell like?
I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and there wasn’t a strong smell like some dyes can produce (cue complaints from partners or flatmates). In fact it was actually a nice light perfumed scent, so bonus points there too.


The applicator was a good size, easy to handle and not overtly large in my small hands. Oh I almost forgot to mention the gloves..

What about the gloves?
These ones were a new type for me to use, as they were a thin textured type that were easy to open up (some have static cling) and just felt of a higher quality than my normal box dyes. These ones were strong and didn’t leak, the wrists were shaped so no extra water got into the gloves whilst rinsing. Also as stated above, I have ridiculously small hands apparently and most gloves are like comedy ones which fall off but these were a really good fit for me. In fact these were the only pair of gloves that have lasted the whole dying session for me so I’m happy not to have the usual stained fingertips.

Ok, back to the actual dye: did it drip? What was the consistency like?

It is a gel like thickness. If anyone crafts then you might understand what I mean by the comparison: it is similar to liquid pearls. I would be lying if I said it didn’t have a few drips, however I will mention that I am also apparently more messy than any other female when dying hair, so you might not want to take too much notice.
However the drips did clean up better than expected and my ears are imag1554not a different colour so this is a good thing.

I was a little worried in the waiting stage as I feared for my grey roots becoming ginger ones (no offence to anyone ginger, I just thought roots only would look odd). Also in the waiting stage there were no drips and no itchy scalp or irritated eyes like some dyes can produce.




Yes but did look good after?

Well yes … I think, It does seem to depend which light and angle it gets looked at and I think next time I would opt for a darker colour. However it does look much better, and bear in miIMAG1567nd that my colour was already a mismatched bodge job so it did well.

Does it feel better?

Yes definitely, my hair feels soft and smooth and also smells good too. There is a much better shine on it now and the extra conditioner made a big difference for me to be able to cover all of my hair generously and still have some left for the next wash.

Would you recommend this product?

Yes I would! Personally I would try out another shade for myself, however I would try L’Oreal again and was pleased with the process and result.

Before & After Pics:

P.S I’m keeping the gloves 😉