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There was a writing prompt a while back on the Warcraft forums for an interaction between characters. I had forgotten this little interaction I wrote up which is based in game on a possible conversation found in the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath.

If you play the game you might even know who these girls are talking about *winks*

“She thinks she is so darn cool!

Always hanging around in her tight red pants selling her portable holes to shady looking customers. I don’t know what he sees in her, I really don’t”

I sighed and ordered another Lagrave, listening to Leatei’s latest heartbreak story was thirsty work.

“And they let her bring that mutt in here as a special favour to Siggy, all that special treatment, it’s just wrong. Albert wasn’t allowed to bring his pet in was he? I mean, ok it was a bombling, but that’s not the point is it?”

Pressing a drink into her hands, I looked around the bar wondering if the band would bring in an extra crowd tonight. The tavern had been getting quieter for a while now and the chances of Leatei finding another perfect guy in here were getting slim.

“I don’t know why we drink this stuff, it’s not very feminine, we should drink the noir like Harris. I bet that’s what it is, that’s why he prefers her..I am getting fat on this stout!”

“You are not getting fat” I say “you look great, and you are the best dancer in this place, Siggy will come running back once he figures out that Harris is only out for a man who can keep up with her excessive demands for gems”

She smiled at that, the first smile all night, thank the skies and I was just as I was beginning to think we might get a good night out after all; until Saul shouted the announcement of the band. Then I saw Leatei’s face drop as she watched Sig present Harris with the biggest black diamond ring I had ever seen.

There was only one to do…

“Kylene, can we get another round of Lagraves over here please, and keep em coming”

And just for the record, it’s because it tastes like chocolate and what is there not to like about that!