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There is a very good reason that I try and stay away from the news and often shy away from talking about politics: this is mostly because it just makes me very, very angry.

Sometimes I have to just try and turn away from the world because it doesn’t really make any sense and I feel like such an insignificant part of it that I know that it doesn’t matter what I feel. So if I get angry about the general state of affairs, and all the horrific ways humans treat one another then I only really hurt myself in the process.

We can all rally against our annoyances or take up our picket boards to the streets but all that really seems to do is give the overworked, underpaid police force even more hassle to contend with.

So what has got me rattled enough this morning to vent about?

Result from the Commons

Nose, and eyes to the what now??

This outdated, antiquated, ridiculous way of governing a country: making all politicians appear to be a childish rabble, with their squabbles and taunts. There are children that behave better and have calmer debates. Perhaps we should introduce a ‘talking object’ into the house of commons so that they can finally converse like socially functioning adults!

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The basic line being that Tories and DUP voted not to give our public sector a pay rise: after all of their heroism and hard work in the recent events. After firemen putting their lives at risk because some idiots wanted to save some money to make a building more aesthetic for richer neighbours. After hundreds of casualties and deaths in the UK; after the bravery of the police in the face of terrorism. After the horrendous fallout from all of these events that staff from our NHS dealt with: even though their budgets and workforce are stretched to the limits.

Even after having to waste police time to use as protection for visits into public areas so a prime minister wasn’t set upon by understandably angry mobs; after the public commendations and acknowledgement of all this hard work.

Even after all of this – our government do not believe that any of these people deserve a small scrap of a pay rise.

And worse than this they cheer about it!

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