Day 2 of the camp proved to me to be a little more challenging than it perhaps should have done.

After getting hung up on trying to choose the perfect surname for my hero, I did waste time by being stuck rather than just writing about something else.
One of my cabin mates gave me a good tip if it happens again. He said to replace said word with a random nonword eg: ehgt – then afterwards I can just find the word and replace it when I am not under time constraints.
Makes perfect sense!

Kind of like the Warlords beta and it’s ‘awesome in game event’


So after having this method to use my next hurdle was not being able to begin writing from the part that I had left the story the previous night.
But as I have been told, the Nanowrimo is all about the act of writing. I was worrying too much about what I was writing rather than just actually writing. In fact even the encouraging email sent (and I am really grateful for these little pep emails from sent directly from CampNaNoWriMo full of tips ) was along a similar theme

This precious seed will only grow into a dazzling tale if you first heap upon it a nourishing bed of rich, fecund … word compost. That’s right, word compost. Your story requires you to shovel lots and lots of words onto it, or it will not sprout…

Elizabeth Heller

And so that it what I did, I just wrote .. I wrote about my character, about some background and then I was able to write about another scene without fear of trying to make a seamless connection.

I guess this is also a bit of what this blog is for too, a chance for me to just write crap regardless of if it links into any other parts of my life.

I also decided to set up a sponsor fund to make a donation and help put that arrow into the green. I figure each extra dollar will make me more determined to reach my goals as otherwise I am letting other people down not just myself.


This might sound like I am guilting myself into writing but its more about trying to focus my writings on a specific goal because as you can see I can waffle on about nothing for an age anyhow *winks*