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It is so nice to be able to see that arrow being nudged down towards the target, it makes me see that even my small steps are achieving something.


My main character is starting to get a bit of erm character, and I can see some glimpses of her back story, so in actual fact those notes which I wasn’t sure about being part of the count have actually now formed part. They have been a kind of springboard for writing which is great for me as I can look at them early on and think about it throughout the day until I get in the mood to capture them in text.

I have also spent a fair bit of time with my crafting, getting things prepared for my Camp buddy swap. Really happy that I found someone with really¬†similar interests so it’s been a pleasure to make up, even if I am a little annoyed that some ideas have had to be scratched to to broken printer ..oops.

Still it’s been an enjoyable and productive weekend.