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Ok I’m running late so I’ll pin these up and hope nobody notices *grins

Day 8: Gargoyle – I’m still not sure which colour I actually prefer on these.

Day 9: Pegasus – I went for cutesy / My Little Pony style on this one and this might be my favourite one so far πŸ™‚

My Little Pegasus

Day 10: Satyr or Faun – I started off with the idea of copying some Blizzard art but it turns out my eyes were just going crosseyed on the chest>arm




So I tried another Warcraft Satyr based on the in game image: graphics are not so good to copy from!
His horns were a little bent out of shape but I’m putting that down to him being a bit feisty.









Day 11: Faerie – This one was just a quick felt drawn one after a long day




Day 12: Wendigo – I actually didn’t know what this was except for having an image in mind from Warcraft. I also drew it in green ink which I really didn’t like but now, thanks toΒ @Ashpah_Β I can say this is a Greench πŸ˜€


Day 13: Sea Serpent – I was happy with this little doodle as it was just freestyle which isn’t something I can often do.


Day 14: Dragon – So I haven’t completely finished the colouring on this one to where I want but I’m keenly aware that I have a tendency to over do things. So I need to work out if I’m going to continue practicing shading with biro or just leave future offerings with just the outline.


My first week can be seen HERE