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For two days now, I’ve woke naturally at 7:30am and then had porridge and orange juice for breakfast – this is the longest voluntary routine I’ve had in years.

But this is not an achievement I hear you say, this is normal life; I hear your pleas but I’m going to congratulate myself on it anyway. For me, this is a step in the right direction, especially if you compare this with the usual, no breakfast or <insert random item here>. As much as it sounds good, chocolate fudge or leftover pizza are probably not the best breakfast foods, and today I discovered that apple and blueberry porridge is actually quite nice.



So where am I going with all these revelations?

Well I’m not entirely sure, but I’m hopeful, and open to change, and I wanted to just declare that fact.

Well, at least before my flippant brain goes back into hibernation *winks*