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Running slightly late but better than never for the A-Z blog Challenge  , and I thought that I would embrace the whole underlying theme of the challenge: interacting with others, by making my posts about others rather than my own blog.

So get ready for some unshameless promotion for some lovely bloggers & Twitter folk.

To begin with I thought that I should be posting up people in alphabetical order but for this one it only seems fitting that I should make the exception and start at my actual blog beginning. When I started up on Twitter it was intially to complain and view Warcraft stuff but then I found that the community on there was actually much nicer and more sensible than the warcraft forums had become; from there I found people with blogs to read. The very first person that followed me that was unknown and not an egg was Alternative Chat: who was also responsible for me starting up a blog so it’s only fair I name her as my first A-Z person to follow.

Alternative Chat  – Sarah is a passionate writer with interests in Warcraft and James Bond among many other interests. She has seperate blogs to cover her different subjects which is great for people who like to just follow a certain topic but I like the fact that her Twitter is so varied and recommend you follow all three blogs and twitter to keep track of this witty writer.
Links –

(ok back to sensible alphabetical)

Abigail Rayner – Abigail is a creative individual who specialises in felting / wall art. Highland cows and sheep are big influences and her website and Twitter are both filled with beautiful felted creations. She also accepts commisions so if you have a beloved dog you want to see felted then this is the place to go. – http://www.abigailrayner.co.uk

Alterna Comics – Keeping the love of comics alive is Alterna Comics who publish extremely affordable and awesome comics such as The Chair, Lilith Dark (my favourite), FUBAR, Mother Russia and many more. Their comics are available in both US and UK or digital if you prefer instant gratification. To check out more follow the link. – https://www.alternacomics.com/

Allison McMoogle – An artist who goes by the name of Ammo’s Art. I originally found her artwork on Twitter while looking at Warcraft artwork and fell in love with the linework on one of her paladin WIP. Allison creates a whole range of beautiful artwork/ commissions / fan art, in her own distinctive style and her artwork definitely deserves promoting. Go check it out here – http://www.ammosart.com/

 Angela Knapp – A textile artist who has a great love and talent for capturing the beauty of birds. Her twitter is filled with artwork, crafts, birds and inspiration. I love to see the work in progress photos and see how her drawings transform into material artwork.
Follow links to her website & blog

Arcane Ratsel – A mage gnome who hates warlocks! Oh, ok then maybe some know her as Hannah Straw, the awesome graphic designer from Orange county. Her Twitter is a must for Warcraft fans or people who love puns and there always seems to be a new cheeky dig at a warlock to bring a smile to the day, perfect gnomish behaviour. Hannah is also lovely enough to allow followers to use her cool Overwatch banners which are shared on Behance and often creates artwork around the Warcraft seasonal events. All aboard the gnome train –

Avaltor – Lovely artist/gamer who has a strong love of rats, dragons, Warcraft and Pokemon among others. Avaltor aka Starnob aka Carrie carries out commissions for character designs and Blizzcon badges and her gallery on deviant art shows a great array of wonderful art concepts. You can also check out some awesome creations in the making over at Twitch and enjoy a friendly text chat.


Artists Resource  – AKA , is an artist/educator/coach based in London but hosts a you tube channel so you can see some of her craft tutorials. Artists Resource twitter page is filled with motivational tweets and inspiration for art projects for both adults and children. Perfect if you want to find something artistic  to do as a family. Follow her links for more inspiration – 

You tube – Artists Resource

Avi Snow – Guitarist for City of the Sun, Avi’s Twitter. Producing chilled out acoustics that are a great to relax and write to (in my opinion). Avi’s twitter is filled with video clips and snippets of music that you will want to check out more of.
You Tube – City of the Sun