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Where the hell did February go?

Apparently I blinked and missed and missed a month, or at least this is what it feels like. There were definitely some good intentions there, and perhaps a little early Spring cleaning, yet overall, I can’t say that I really remember much of February at all.


Well all I can do now is roll up my sleeves and get stuck into March before that gets away from me too. Now where did I put those cute looking ‘To do’ pads from Ooh Deer.


One thing can be encouraged is the return of the light mornings and everything around us growing. I hate the whole changing of the clocks though: all this really does is make me grouchier. But I do so enjoy the month of March, everything is just that little bit more open to hope and change for the better. If nothing else then it’s just a great excuse to aww at all the cute baby animals that are born.