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I thought I would never actually get to try out these lovely cheese squares, it didn’t seem to be my fate. First off I lost the coupon to claim the taster pack and then I tried to just buy them and Tesco had none left, then Morrisons had none left and even Asda was all sold out!

So then I thought to myself, well these must be delicious if everywhere has sold out so I made it my mission to track down a packet and eventually after many stake outs Tesco came up with the good hoorah.
So were they worth it?

Yes..yes I think my smile says they were 🙂

First off I have to commend the packaging because usually if I want a spread I will buy a tub because the foil packets are always a fiddly pain. Not only do I get in a mess with these I also get annoyed about the waste when it gets stuck in the corners of triangles or left in a tube. But with these little squares the tab pulls a full top clean off so no waste or getting fingertips messy.


Now when I say little squares, in reality they are not actually that little in fact they cover between 2-6 crackers depending on the size and your generosity – I used 2 crisp breads with a generous spread and then tucked right in.

The flavour of the spread is nice, there is a good sharpness that you would expect from strong mature yet it still gave a really creamy taste. My parents also enjoyed this spread which is high commendation since they usually only stick to their usual brand, and even asked if there were any leftover. The pack itself contained 8 squares so it works out to an economical purchase if you are single or part of a couple: this also means that you don’t have to worry about a whole tub going mouldy if opened. Also being individually packaged makes this spread perfect for pack lunches or picnics or if you are a bit odd like me then just eating them straight from the fridge for a creamy cheese fix.

Overall a great snack to keep in the fridge and I would buy (and already have bought) them again

*I received free coupons to try out Seriously Strong Spreadable Squares via Bzz agent & Tesco