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Ok ok so I was a little late to the party today but thanks to Tim’s Nano prompts


Some pink fizzy stuff

and some encouragement from CampNaNoWriMo cabin mates, I managed to get off to a flying start ringing in at 860 words. A lot of which were used to explore a character so I’m happy with this. I need to keep most of it under wraps however I can share the warm up waning moon sprint.

The moon wanes to a fingernail as the hollow shriek of the foxes call out in the darkness. I hear them play at night, their soft paws padding on the lawn, noses snuffling into trash cans and paper bags left folded under the guise of recycling. Nobody ever washes out the jars though, nor the plastic packets curled around meat haunches which the fox kits love to lick and suck . They come from far and wide to this hot spot, the only place in the neighbourhood where people are too lazy to rinse.

Hope everyone else enjoyed a good first day, and remember there is plenty of time to catch up !