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After a long day I have enjoyed a little time to relax and flick through some photos and images, in the hopes of finding some lovely images for you and the #coloryourworld campaign.

Today’s colour is peach:


So I found a couple of favourites which I am hoping will be okay to use on here because they are ones which make me smile.

First up: The lovely Lady china looking peachy


Hopefully  my friend won’t mind me sharing the picture of one of her fur babies.
If you enjoy knitting / crochet then you might want to check out her projects over at ravelry too, she is very talented!



My second image found is one received from Kickstarter and also probably wanting permission but hopefully the advertising plug will be of use:


I so love this image and the book that it relates too. If you enjoy interactive game books, Alice in Wonderland, great writing, fantastic artwork or fantasy fiction (basically if you enjoy fun and / or admire talent) then I advise you go grab yourself a copy of this book – it’s amazing!

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland by Jonathan Green

And check out his blog: HERE