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The cabins are setting up once again for the camp & I have been lucky enough to settle back in with some of the people from last year’s camp, but now I am still in a ponder which writing route to take.
I know I had wanted to say my April story to carry on with in November however now I can’t seem to settle on one thing to choose for my story/genre
After the indecision about is it female fiction, is it adult fiction post I am still no where further really except that I do have some words down and ideas to spring from..
And though I am usually a bit cagey about sharing my stuff I thought I would at least put out a few snippets to see if anyone could help sway me in a direction.

Some CampNaNoWriMo choices

1- The geeky futuristic one

The ground shook all around them as they hid in the confines of the projectile room. The world had slowly been changing around them for centuries and now there were only ten left from the Viverios community. For the last year they had been surviving, but only just.
It had been 4 days since the last big attack and they were still reeling from the impact. Julian had come off the worst after receiving a bite during the ambush and now he lay in a fitful sleep, sweating profusely and shivering under the flimsy covering. Lisandra kneeled beside him and tried to provide comfort but the sight of the blood, thick and sticking to his face was making her uneasy.
“Do you think he will make it?”
Her voice wavered at the question, knowing that they had already lost five people to similar wounds in the last month. Every time they had found a new place to hide and felt a new kind of safety, the Warth hunters would somehow find them and thin their numbers. Lisandra was tired of running, they all were, she looked around the room with its windows barricaded and the floor around Julian covered in rags thick with blood and sweat.

2- The historical one

Anne stood transfixed as the men clenched their muskets tightly, preparing for war. The smallest man closest to the window started to light a match cord and drew a paper cartridge from the bag at his waist. She watched as he used his teeth to tear the paper and spat the tip out onto the floor. He opened a latch on the top of his musket and poured in the gunpowder, then tipped the musket and poured the rest down the barrel, taking care to keep the lit cord tucked away. He then dropped a musket ball into the hole and followed it with the screwed up cartridge paper. Anne watched in surprise as the musketeer pulled a long stick from the side of his weapon and proceeded to poke it down the barrel.
‘Hey, Charlie careful you don’t forget to take it out’, one of the men shouted, ‘don’t want you firing sticks at these mongrels, again’
The others roared with laughter as the young man blushed; Anne felt a smile spread across her lips. It was soon replaced with a gasp as she heard the muffled thud of a cannon being fired against the wall of the building. A small hand tugged at her sleeve, looking down she recognised the young face as one of her grandfather’s stable lads. She nodded at him as he gestured to the wide open door.

3- The er fiction (a tame snippet)

She sat cross legged, head tilted against the cold soft leather, her mind trying to decipher his thoughts. It had not been noted before how intensely he looked whilst talking about something he felt passionate over. His eyes, a pool of darkness that she would eagerly bathe in, his mouth an inviting landing which teased her with each movement. As she watched him deep in conversation she felt a pleasant feeling inside that made her outwardly shudder.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern in his voice.

Anne-Marie bit her lip softly and replied with an embarrassed mumble “just something that tickled my neck” She gestured at the ribbons hanging on the saddle she had been leaning on.

“Oh” He nodded acceptingly and carried on talking oblivious to her subtle smirking.

4 -The Ghostly one

A sea of top hats and long jackets

Eyes like that can haunt a man…

Every night after closing I would see her alone on that stage. At first she would just walk to and fro in her delicate way, her long chiffon dress rustling in the gloom. Back and forward. I would watch her, sometimes she would pick up speed as if about to jump, and then she would hesitate, and stop frozen in her tracks. A pretty little thing she was; her hair was not honey or chestnut like the other girls but a mixture of the two and it fell in ringlets right down her back. And her eyes would call you in soon as look at her, huge round green eyes. They glistened like emeralds but were soft and pale, she was different in every way. Mouse, the other girls called her. And so she was as quiet as one too, never heard her speak in the spotlight. In fact, only time I ever heard a peep out of her was when she was all alone up there. Then you could hear her if you listened real hard, and if you did you would hear the slightest of humming that would dance upon your ears and echo inside your heart. Her tiny voice would have caused a stirring amongst a better audience. Not that these variety types would take any notice if she wasn’t juggling balls or rolling on skates.

5- The light hearted one

His chest glistened with a sticky golden hue as she lapped at the sweet scented nectar. Just a small drizzle, it would be fun like in the movies she had thought. Yet here she was with her hair matted and feeling as though she had been dragged backwards through a treacle tart. To top it off she now had to listen to the grumblings of Gerald, who was full of the satisfactory glow of ‘I told you so’.

‘we are too old for this nonsense, I told you’

Francesca rolled her eyes at him. It had taken such an effort to talk him into trying something new in an effort to revive their twenty year old marriage, but now she was left wondering why she bothered trying.

“yes ok, you win” Francesca snapped as she handed him a baby wipe.

She knew that her experiment was doomed for failure as soon as he had mentioned the use of plastic sheets. Really, how sexy were plastic sheets ever going to be!

Soo those are some of the projects I could carry on with…anyone have any thoughts or favourites that might sway me to finish them?