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Every now and then I find myself in a little dip of moods so these days I try to keep a bit of money to the side so that when it hits I can have a little shopping splurge to cheer myself up again. Nothing like being woken with presents through the post, it’s like Christmas, only the postman doesn’t have a white beard and I tend not to leave him any milk and cookies out.

Anyhow I thought that since my twitter account might have been feeling a little Warcraft heavy of late and I didn’t get around to helping anyone out with an #FF yesterday then it might be time to show a bit of crafter love.

So here are my latest goodies from a splurge (in no particular order), and links to the wonderful artistic people so you can check them out for yourselves.

First up: Melissa Nettleship 

Twitter @MillyJan
Etsy shop

WP_20150613_033 WP_20150613_039

I really liked her style of art and had been enjoying seeing the Alice in Wonderland theme pictures flashing up on Twitter, however there was something extra special about the Bear & Maiden one that I loved but I couldn’t justify a print with nowhere to put it. So when it got turned into a notepad that was me sold, and I was glad to find the funky kitty Avenger badges too. Oh and the bargain print that was on sale…well I couldn’t pass that up could I?

The Spotted Zebra Company

Twitter @spottedzebra22

WP_20150612_005  WP_20150612_001

Another twitter spotted purchase .. yep I’m a sucker for em. But this bag was the perfect accompaniment to a dress that I have and after noticing my trusty canvas messenger bag was on it’s way out then I thought this could be a perfect replacement. (see how well I talked myself into that there). I have no excuse for the purse though other than the fact it amused me.

Rogue Fairy Boutique

Rogue Fairy Boutique – Etsy

WP_20150612_008  WP_20150612_016  WP_20150612_022

Just a random Etsy find for me as I wanted something with the hand stamped lettering and was wavering over to the geeky side of things. I found the Nightmare before Christmas spiral first but then noticed The Shaun of the Dead bangle was on sale too so again <bargain hunter senses alerted>
They also sell some lovely looking spiral rings but I have no idea of my size so maybe that’s something for a future purchase 😀

All of these purchases came with speedy delivery & packaged with care, so actually it worked out better than Christmas because nobody used Yodel to deliver *cheers*

So that’s three places to check out, I have plenty more but I wouldn’t want to over load your credit cards all in one day 😉