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So I noticed today that there are only ten days to go before the next CampNaNoWriMo begins to get underway and I am already in turmoil about which piece of writing to carry on with. All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to getting stuck back into the everyday writing and I hope that previous cabin mates will be rejoining for the July camp as they were so encouraging and supportive

*crosses fingers*

I know that I want to save my last storyline and perhaps get stuck into that for November (yes I am now a full convert to Nanowrites) and use this one for something different.

Lately I have been catching up with some poetry writing that tends to usually come in drabs and spurts yet lately I have been feeling somewhat inspired, obviously some weird conversations have aided me in this 🙂

I also had some wonderful and fun prompts given to me by friends both knowingly and unbeknown so that has been fun and some even taking me out of my usual style of writing. A few bits even leading into what could only be described as risqué, which is fun to write however it can be a little blush worthy to share.

So the question is do I just throw myself over the hurdle or reign things in and call it ‘female fiction’ which just sounds so lame.