Last night was once of those nights where you suddenly realise that the inhumanity you see & feel around the world in everyday day life is actually not a true representation of how things could be. When it is proved that there are still many people who can join together and express great compassion and get results then it can restore our faith in humanity and set the world on balance.

Just to explain without trying to stir up any more heartache, in the early hours of the morning a tweet was sent out from someone in distress which sparked a catalogue of worried tweets within the Warcraft community. It didn’t take long for the word to spread around and people had put in some detective work to find details of a way to contact the person in order to send help if needed.
As a result of this wonderful community, today things are looking brighter and we can be reassured that the soul of humanity is still strong and thriving even though sometimes we are faced with the contrary popular opinion.

Whilst the press often give gamers a bad reputation and games are often demonised and being blamed as the source of influence for negative behaviour, it is good to see that that there are so many positive stories that often go unnoticed.


If fact I often believe that the gaming community spirit will often surpass those of everyday communities. All too often in life we are greeted with unpleasant behaviour or people that need our help. And regrettably these calls for help or violent scenes are often ignored or just brushed under the carpet, so we can all keep ourselves safe no matter what happens to others.

Perhaps in this instance I am thinking more towards scenes I have seen, unprovoked attacks that have occurred and instances where life has been devalued to a level that is just cruel.

There was a time that a brick crashed through the window on a bus and everyone got off but ignored the poor girl that had been hit with it. I remember actually swearing at people to call an ambulance (my phone was dead at the time) whilst they ran off or stood looking.

A time when a guy collapsed in a toilet at work and people were pretty much stepping over his dead body to be served and getting annoyed that I was refusing.

Another instance of an elderly gent fallen down in the road and the nearest flat concierge (my flat even) would not come to help me lift him due to ‘health and safety’

I know I am always in danger of getting on my soap box and I do understand that there are things that happen in the world which we see and we are scared of interfering or scared to be get involved due to fear of safety. I also am aware that we are now more aware of ‘rules’ during work hours for fear of getting sued or told off. But it does strike me that when some things happen in real time it is often the case that people will ignore situations rather than put themselves out. When all it needs is a little bit of common sense to prevail.

As a community in general I often feel like we are so disjointed and often work against each other when we could be pulling together and making a difference,

I  see animals that display more humanity than humans sometimes and that is a worry for future generations. Our world is changing, our sense of what is right and wrong, and what levels of inhumanity we are prepared to accept is changing.

Sorry rambling off there *steps off soap box*

All I really wanted to say was ..

I was so impressed by on the online Warcraft community for last night and this was not the first time I have experienced this and I am sure it will not be the last. We definitely look after our own and it is such a wonderful thing, would just be nice if that same compassion extended to people in the real world too.

Life is short, treat people as you would like to be treated yourself & remember that there is always somebody who does care, even if you don’t even know them yet.