Well I have taken a couple of days off the blog update but instead piled those words into my story which means that I am now just jutting slightly ahead of where I should be and gives me some breather space. and I am glad to have noticed that arrow has zoomed up and is now prodding 75%


It’s all going so fast! I am happy with things though as it feels productive and I feel a little more relaxed on a day to day basis. Hooray for CampNaNoWriMo!

It was also quite amusing to help create 112 messages for people to log into (not all mine) but in the cabin we were helping each other over some road blocks and believe it or not, this –


Was key to making sense of someone’s plot. I love that buttons and coins can become peoples characters in discussion, it reminded me of that great scene in Bottom where they are replacing chess pieces with random objects.