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Ah but today they actually do!

My writing stats for today are as follows

CampNaNoWriMo story – Words -493

CampNaNoWriMo virtual write in – Words – 354 + 351 + 215 = 920

Email x 2 = 1091

Total words today= 2504 *cheers*

OK so I’m not going to put them into my count however it’s nice just to know that they are there. They are mine, and I can use the prompts to springboard from. I even think i have added a twist into my story from them so thanks Lauren & Chris!

The prompts –

Trading spaces – Are your characters trying to change their environment or are they being changed by them. Do the opposite

Absolute chaos – Just introduce chaos into your scene and lots of it! – in the last 30 secs we were told to introduce something even more chaotic – the twist!

Present, real, or imaginary — Describe a place that your MC finds meaningful. – somewhere your character finds meaning/comfort – where and why?

Right that’s my lot for tonight *hangs up typing hands*