Word count for Nano so far: 6761

Might not be much for some but I’m pretty pleased with it. Tonight I have tagged onto the start of the story and also made some notes about how my (now two parts) stories merge as one 🙂

Today I have also been thinking about old stuff I have written and sifting through some bits and bobs and I found the start of a story from many years ago. But what I did start to notice was that my fallback ‘bad guy’ name seems to be Steve.

I don’t know why and I’m sorry if you are a Steve and not a bad guy but I seem to have it written into a lot of pieces. I don’t even think I really know a Steve and I don’t think I was ever really slighted by one so I don’t know why I have been so mean to them in my writings so far *scratches head*

Anyhow i might pick this up again at some point so I shall place it here as a catalyst


He huddled in the corner behind two steel drums full of oil, his hands shaking and sweat dripping from his forehead; then (surprisingly even to him) Jason began to pray softly under his breath.

‘Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me… please god don’t let him kill me too’

He peered though the crack in the barrels, hoping that Steve would have given up the search. He crouched lower to the ground, tucking his limbs in as tight as he possibly could; like a hedgehog hiding from a fox. The hard footsteps confirmed that he wasn’t alone in the room and the red stains on the floor were making Jason feel uneasy.  A whirling noise caused his body to jerk in surprise and he cursed himself for hiding in a bay with only one exit. Why hadn’t he just run home at lunch time, why hadn’t he called the police or had the guts to approach the boss. It was only supposed to be work experience and now Jason found himself trapped in a room with Steve the maniac and a menacing power tool. The growling sound of a drill came nearer and seeing a steel toe capped boot through the crack, Jason flinched upsetting a blood red stained rag from the top of the barrel. As it fell onto his face Jason let out a high pitched squeal , then became aware that the noise had come from him and clasped his hand over his mouth. But it was too late, Steve loomed above him, nudging the heavy barrel aside with a wicked grin on his face.

‘Ah ha, there you are’