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I am not sure about everyone else but for myself I seem to hit brick walls when it comes to self motivation nowadays.

It has not always been the always been the case and it is not for everything but some parts of life just seem more of a struggle than they should be at times.

For instance, when I was young, work seemed to be a lifestyle, I would always try and learn something new or find some way to push myself even if the role I was fulfilling was what others might call meaningless. Regardless of whatever job I would do I wanted to do it well and I had an enthusiasm that was never lacking. Some jobs were never left at work and spilled over into personal life and often they intertwined but I never seemed perturbed by this. It is only recent years that I feel myself waning. A very definite drudgery in my soul that defines the way I feel even before I am there. I am not sure if it’s my age or a boredom seeping in but either way it means that my motivation levels affect the other parts of my world.

So for most parts I find myself trying to join in challenges or give myself goals, just little ways to encourage myself to actually do things rather than languishing in a world of vegetation. I can’t even blame TV as I don’t own one, but I know I need to give myself a kick every now and again just to make sure I am still awake.


Image source: http://thistimeimeanit.com/six-ways-motivate-day