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After many years of being signed up to the Nanowrimo and thinking that I would actually join in, I am now finally participating.

It is only the first day however my cabin mates are all friendly and helpful. Some are more experienced writers and others thankfully participating for the first time too so it is nice to have the balance. I am appreciating any of the advice given and although I feel a little strange attempting to write a story without much forward planning, it is also quite liberating.

I do not have to run my work past anyone else for approval like other writing for studies but I hope just the action of writing daily will help me to finish writing other ideas previously started,

I am also participating in a camp buddy swap so I have been very fortunate to find a like minded soul that shares the same interests and has more experience of Nanowrimo. It is great to have that extra support and advice open to me and I am am very much looking forward to the month ahead, even if it will be a busy one 😉

Link to my CampNanowrimo